Sov Shakeup

A Universe of Change

Freeport mode mechanics have gone live, all sovereignty structures are now impacted by Entosis Links, and vulnerability windows are now in effect.

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Summer Balance Changes

We've done some fine tuning to several ships and added a few new modules to mix things up a bit. Ishtar, Tempest and Battleship pilots will find some interesting changes in Aegis.

More information

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Missile System Balance

Two new modules, Missile Guidance Computer and Missile Guidance Enhancers, expand your options in setting up the perfect missile ship. Heavy missile users will also notice an improvement to damage, and a slight reduction to torpedo volume.

Read the dev blog

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Gallente Ishtar Adjustments

We dialed the Ishtar back just enough to bring it in line with other ships of its class, while still maintaining its place as a great drone boat. Drone Damage Amplifiers now do slightly less amplifying, and adjustments were made to the slot layout and some speed stats.

More from the dev team

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Battleship Improvements

Keeping it simple on the Battleship front, the current balance pass bumps the Minmatar Tempest's rate of fire bonus from 5% to 7.5%.

Details in the dev blog

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Aegis Theme Song

Shield yourself in the melodic tones of the Aegis theme song, available at, EVE Online's growing music archive.

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Gallente Hecate T3 Tactical Destroyer

The Gallente Federation Navy round out the new collection of Tech 3 tactical destroyers with the Hecate, a sleek and deadly vessel with multiple battle modes.

  • #Graphics

Caldari Cerberus Hull Redesign

Lai Dai's famed Tech II variant of the Caldari Caracal has be reimagined with a unique hull design. The upgrade also allows the ship to take advantage of the latest shader and texture updates.

  • #Graphics

Enhanced Visuals: Environmental Content

The last of the mission structures and objects have their effects and textures enhanced with the latest round of visual updates.

  • #UI/UX

Overview and Bracket Updates

Player feedback has played a big role in the latest round of updates to the new overview and bracket icons. Changes in this pass include:

  • Drones optimized down to four familiar and distinct brackets
  • Improved readability at 90% scaling
  • Clearer distinction between player and NPC ships

Details in the dev blog

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Multi-Stage Faction SKIN Release

Show off where your allegiance lies. Four influential factions have brought their colors to market for their followers and fans among the capsuleers.

  • Caldari's massive Wiyrkomi mega corporation
  • Amarr's zealous Equilibrium of Mankind
  • Minmatar's rebel-supporting Justice Department
  • Gallente's fringe powerhouse, the Intaki Syndicate

Four weeks of new SKINs have been scheduled for deployment. Check the New Eden Store every Tuesday to see what's new.

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  • #Nullsec

New Sovereignty System - Vulnerability & Time Zones

In this next set of major changes to the Sovereignty system, the Entosis link expands to all sovereign structures; vulnerability windows take effect; and constellation-wide capture events and Freeport mode mechanics become active.

Details in the dev blog

  • #Spaceships

Redesign: The Gallente Dominix

The venerable Dominix has seen combat since the Gallente-Caldari War. The time for the iconic look of this historic battleship to evolve has come, and the Gallente have spared no expense in updating the appearance of this glorious warhorse.

Link to YouTube video by Jonny Pew.

Built upon the Dominix hull, the Sin has long been Gallente's entry in the field of battleship Black Ops. With its predecessor's redesign comes one of its own, including rumors of a complete hull overhaul in the near future.

Read the dev blog

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Camera Update: Watch the kill shot

Your camera has always been quick to get you to the next target once the current one is destroyed, but there are times you want to relish the moment. The camera now stays on structures and ships when they explode, granting the victor those precious seconds of satisfaction.

  • #Audio

Galatea Theme Song

The latest release theme song and many other popular tracks from EVE Online are available on Soundcloud.

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Fleet Warp Mechanics

A single pilot warping the entire fleet to personal locations, such as probe results, has been removed to make fleet travel and strategy more engaging. Expect to see new tactics emerge as scouts become more important than ever.

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