Sov Shakeup

A Universe of Change

Freeport mode mechanics have gone live, all sovereignty structures are now impacted by Entosis Links, and vulnerability windows are now in effect.

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  • #World

Throne Worlds: The Invasion Begins

Throne Worlds comes under fire, as the Empress' Navy Fleet fights back the Drifter invasion. Amarrian concerns now justified, Empire and capsuleer forces have united against their new common enemy.

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  • #Spaceships

Designer SKINs: Next-Level Nanocoating

The Caldari affinity for utilitarian design is the reason many were surprised to see their shipyards the birthplace of Designer SKINs. Eliina Kariopka, known for high-impact designs, brings the fiery intensity of Caldari Prime's evening skies to nanocoat technology in "Raata Sunset", the first of several Designer SKINs for Caldari ships.

The Designer SKIN concept isn't exclusive to the Caldari. Artists from various factions have secured contracts and resources to begin developing bold new styles, with many expecting to roll out in the near future.

  • #Spaceships

Redesign: The Gallente Dominix

The venerable Dominix has seen combat since the Gallente-Caldari War. The time for the iconic look of this historic battleship to evolve has come, and the Gallente have spared no expense in updating the appearance of this glorious warhorse.

Link to YouTube video by Jonny Pew.

Built upon the Dominix hull, the Sin has long been Gallente's entry in the field of battleship Black Ops. With its predecessor's redesign comes one of its own, including rumors of a complete hull overhaul in the near future.

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  • #Spaceships

Camera Update: Watch the kill shot

Your camera has always been quick to get you to the next target once the current one is destroyed, but there are times you want to relish the moment. The camera now stays on structures and ships when they explode, granting the victor those precious seconds of satisfaction.

  • #Audio

Galatea Theme Song

The latest release theme song and many other popular tracks from EVE Online are available on Soundcloud.

  • #Store

New ‘Hephaestus’ clothing sets

From bold colors to striking camo, New Eden's talented fashion designers have finally turned their attention to the hard-working backbone of the universe, as industrial apparel has rolled off the production line. Choose from one of the six new styles, now available for Aurum in the New Eden Store.

  • #Graphics

Enhancing Visuals: Doomsdays, Modules and more

Animations and effects have been upgraded for each of the four faction's Doomsday weapons. Other graphical improvements include:

  • Warp Scrambler
  • Salvager
  • Tractor Beam

In total, effects for over a dozen combat and support modules were enhanced in this update. In some cases, we were able to completely recreate them, improving performance along with the aesthetics.

  • #Nullsec

Sovereignty: Fixes and Fine Tuning

Community feedback, internal monitoring, and input from the CSM have all aided in creating a round of improvements to the sovereignty system.

  • Reduce the base capture time of Command Nodes from 10 minutes to 4 minutes
  • Defenders start with 60% control at the beginning of a capture event
  • Reduce cap on total nodes per structure from 20 to 10
  • Reduce spawn rate of new random nodes by ~50%.
  • Replace Entosis Link mass penalty with a 4000m/s speed limit while fitted

CCP Punkturis and CCP Sharq have also upgraded and enhanced several other items based on your comments and replies in our Sov Little Things thread. The latest list and details of the changes can be found in the Features and Ideas section of the forums here.

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  • #Spaceships

Fleet Warp Mechanics

A single pilot warping the entire fleet to personal locations, such as probe results, has been removed to make fleet travel and strategy more engaging. Expect to see new tactics emerge as scouts become more important than ever.

  • #World

New Burner Missions: Guristas

Veteran pilots, Level 4 Agents are now offering new cruiser-level Burner Missions that pit you against the ruthless forces of the Guristas. These cruiser-level missions will be fatal for the unprepared, so kit out accordingly and don't spare the expense. Your enemies will be doing the same.

  • #UI/UX

Probe Scanning Map

Exploring the universe and discovering the unknown is a huge part of the EVE experience for many intrepid pilots. The scanning window now includes its own instance of the star map, supporting Probe scanning to make scanning for new adventures easier. Of course you're on your own when you get there!

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