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October Release & Events
Oct 13th

Phoenix Quadrant 4 Trailer Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The shape of New Eden has been altered forever in the aftermath of the Triglavian Invasion, so now it's time to rise from the ashes in "Phoenix", EVE Online's Quadrant 4!

Following on from the fantastic Fight or Flight, Eclipse, and Zenith Quadrants in 2020, Phoenix will end the year spectacularly in EVE Online with big changes to Supercarriers, continuous balance and meta changes, as well as the Crimson Harvest and Yoiul Festival events and much more!

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The Scope - Growing Fears Over Stargates Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Alton Haveri reports as EDENCOM forces remain on high alert despite a lasting halt in major invasion operations by the Triglavian Collective. Monitoring and evacuation operations are underway throughout the 27 systems under Triglavian occupation, while the invaders continue to construct formidable defenses. Concerns also exist about the stability of New Eden's stargate network as intermittent and increasing power fluctuations are evident.

EVE Pulse - World War Bee 2, EVE x Japan, Resource Distribution Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Welcome back to another episode of the Pulse, Capsuleers, your source of news in EVE Online! This week's episode contains details on the following: World War Bee 2, EVE x Japan, Resource Distribution, Project Discovery, New Mixed Dimensions ship models, Abyssal Proving Grounds, Monthly Economic Report, EVE Down Under, 50% off 3 month Omega + 3 month MCT, A message from our sponsors.

Quantum Cores - Phase 2 Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The second phase of the new Quantum Cores series of updates will be coming to EVE Online in mid-October! This big series of updates to structure gameplay in New Eden introduce Quantum Cores as necessary items in the deployment phase of structures. This follows on from Phase 1 of the Quantum Cores update that went live last month, and is important for any players interested in structures.

Phase 2 of the rollout will enforce the rule that requires Quantum Core installation to be carried out in order to complete the anchoring process for any newly deployed structures.

The Scope - Fury at FWST-8 Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Alton Haveri reports as P.A.P.I. and Imperium forces clash heavily in FWST-8, with the invaders twice attempting to anchor a Keepstar-class Citadel in the system. As the fighting has escalated over the 3 month conflict, consolidated P.A.P.I. forces have closed in on the region of Delve, resulting in the biggest ever number of Capsuleers involved in a battle in New Eden's history.

Abyssal Proving Grounds Return Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Abyssal Proving Grounds are returning and they'll be better than ever for EVE Online's Phoenix Quadrant!

In an update to Quality of Life for the feature, the Proving Grounds will now have persistent in-game leaderboards so that you can track your progress (and that of others) across the events, as well as auto-rewarding of prizes. These QoL upgrades will apply to both Tranquility and Serenity servers!

The events themselves will feature many new formats for combatants to sink their teeth into, and as rewards there will be new SKINs for Battlecruisers (Brutix, Cyclone, Ferox, Prophecy) and Destroyers (Catalyst, Coercer, Cormorant, Thrasher).

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