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Operation: Frostline
Dec 8th

Grid Size Increase Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The grids of EVE Online are the equivalent of what most MMOs would refer to as chunks or zones. They are massive divisions of space designed to balance load, manage performance, and basically prevent both the players and the server from having to deal with more data than they need to.

But you are legion in number and you will soon be constructing mammoth citadels among the heavens in your colonization of the EVE universe. As a result, we will be expanding the grids to 32 times their current size.

What this means for you:
- You will be able to see ships, objects and structures even further away.
- You will be able to see ships warping in and out from further away.
- Bookmarks may shift a bit, as their location may have slightly moved during the change.

Details in the dev blog