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EVE Online: Citadel
Apr 27th

Capital Reform: Advances in Capital Ship Design Wednesday, April 27, 2016

As the balance of power in New Eden leans further toward the capsuleers, so do the industries that seek to keep pace. Nowhere is it more noticeable than in the capital ship construction yards. Competition for capsuleer ISK has brought an unprecedented evolution in capital ship features and design.

Capital Improvements

  • Fleet and Ship hangars added to Dreadnoughts
  • New modules and weapons for all capitals
  • Unique abilities for Super-Carriers and Titans

Dreadnoughts have become indomitable gun platforms

Titans harness the power of new Doomsday weapons

Carriers project their fighter squadrons across the battlefield

Fighter management and functionality advances

  • grouped and launched in squadrons
  • 3-5 squadrons can be commanded at a time
  • "health" determined by number of fighters left in squadron instead of individual hull, armor, and shield meters
  • new abilities such as squadron-slaying missile swarms, evasive maneuvers, and capital-pounding torpedoes

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