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Mar 11th

Project Discovery Friday, March 11, 2016

Project Discovery is a unique new challenge that allows the EVE community to work together in-game to provide benefits to real world science and medicine.

It's as simple as playing a game where you look for patterns and differences in images. You generate results and submit them for rewards. Those images are actually high-resolution images of human cells, and your submissions are helping to improve and expand the massive Human Protein Atlas database.

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Electronic Warfare: Changes Galore for EWAR Friday, March 11, 2016

More choices, and choices that matter. Over 200 modules have been updated to make selection less linear and provide more options when outfitting your ships for electronic warfare.

The Stasis Grappler is a new class of webifier for battleships and capitals being introduced with this update. It will be the first webifier-type module to use falloff, which will reduce the strength of the web as the range increases, however it operates with significant strength when active at optimal range.

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Drifter Hive Activity Friday, March 11, 2016

Pre-occupation with pirates and citadels has shifted Drifter concerns to the wayside, but they have not been idle. Reports of new Drifter structures have been trickling in, with rumours of unfamiliar tech among the sites. Intrepid capsuleers will have to investigate the Drifter Hive sites further to unlock their deepest secrets.