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September Release & Events
Sep 8th

EVE Pulse - Invasion Zenith, Rolling Thunder, Depths of the Abyss Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Welcome back to another episode of the Pulse, Capsuleers, as your regular dose of news from New Eden returns! This week's episode contains details on the following: Invasion reaches its zenith, Quantum Cores now live, Depths of the Abyss now live, Rolling Thunder coming 22 Sep, Abyssal Proving Grounds events announced, Best SKINs of 2020 bundle, Amarr Coronation Day Crown and Swords SKIN, Capsuleer Redemption, A message from our sponsors.

Quantum Cores Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The first phase of the new Quantum Cores series of updates is now live in EVE Online! In this big update to structure gameplay in New Eden, Quantum Cores are newly introduced items that are necessary in the deployment phase of structures, increasing the significance of placing or destroying structures.

There will be three distinct phases to this update, and more information will be released on the subsequent phases closer to their release, so keep an eye out for that! Be sure to read the dev blog for full details on the Quantum Cores updates.

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Caldari Union Day is live Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Caldari Union Day event is now live! There is a daily login event running until 11:00 UTC on 7 September where you can claim free rewards. There are also Caldari parades in selected systems to check out!

Claim free gifts such as Caldari-themed character apparel, Wheel of Prosperity fireworks and Festival launcher, Sukuuvestaa SKINs for the Caldari Shuttle and the Badger, plus Skill Points to boost your training. In addition, you can visit special event sites and witness celebratory parades where there will also be daily challenges with Skill Point rewards.

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New Abyssal Proving Grounds Event (Live from 4 September - 8 September) Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A new Abyssal Proving Grounds event is now live in EVE Online, so make sure you have your Proving Filaments handy either from Abyssal Deadspace loot drops, or from the in-game market!

Until 11:00 UTC on 8 September, and in celebration of Caldari Union Day, you can engage in 2v2 Caldari Strike Team combat, meaning that the permitted hulls for this event include Faction Frigates, Interceptors and Destroyers. The full eligible hull list is as follows: Caldari Navy Hookbill, Griffin Navy Issue, Raptor, Crow, Cormorant, and Corax - limited to meta 5 (Tech II) modules (no Faction/Deadspace/Officer/Abyssal modules). Pirate implants are also restricted.

Don't forget, you can keep track of Capsuleer performance and prowess in this event using the leaderboards!

To further celebrate Caldari Union Day, the Kimotoro Eskeitan SKIN will return to EVE Online's New Eden Store for a limited time between 11:00 UTC on 3 September and 11:00 UTC on 17 September with a 25% discount! You can get the Kimotoro Eskeitan SKIN for the Harpy, Hawk, Cormorant, Flycatcher, Moa, Eagle, Onyx, Caracal, Osprey, Tayra, Crane, Bustard, Minokawa, Wyvern, and Leviathan.

Depths of the Abyss Update Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Depths of the Abyss update coming in September will introduce new tiers to Abyssal Deadspace, allowing players who are unfamiliar with the Abyss a chance to experience it at a more accessible level, while also offering more experienced Capsuleers even greater challenges and rewards!

The introduction of Tier 0 sites to Abyssal Deadspace will offer less experienced, curious Capsuleers an opportunity to dip their toe into Abyssal Deadspace with less danger. This will allow them to become familiar with the kind of ships and environments they can expect to encounter at higher tiers.

For those who are looking for a greater challenge, new Tier 6 Abyssal Deadspace pockets are also coming as part of the Depths of the Abyss update! Offering even better rewards, these new sites will give even seasoned Abyss runners something new to master.

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GM Week Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The awesome GM Week is nearly upon us once more, and that means competitions, prizes, events, and more to look forward to from 14 - 19 September! Get into the GM Week spirit and join in with this annual community event for the chance to win great prizes, interact with devs in-game, whack some bots from New Eden - and most of all - to have some fun in space!

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Upcoming Abyssal Proving Grounds Events Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Triglavian Collective continue to dovetail their invasion efforts by inviting Capsuleers to test their might in the Abyssal Proving Grounds within the depths of Abyssal Deadspace! Accessible through dedicated sets of Proving Filaments that remain active during a series of limited time events, these new Proving Grounds will be accessible to small groups of Capsuleers, fighting against each other in a variety of specified ship types.

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Rolling Thunder Tuesday, September 8, 2020

As part of the Zenith Quadrant, the new Rolling Thunder update will go live on 22 September, providing a fresh balance pass for the new EDENCOM line of ships. There will also be changes to Gallente and Minmatar Force Auxiliaries, plus Black Ops ships.

In addition to the ship changes, there will also be daily login rewards from 25 - 27 September, including new unique SKINs for all three EDENCOM ships, as well as boosters designed to benefit Vorton Projector weapons, and free Skill Points!

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Invasion reaches its Zenith Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Triglavian Invasion will soon reach its zenith, and as this finale approaches, both the Triglavians and EDENCOM have reported that Capsuleers loyal to their respective causes will be rewarded! Jump into the conflict before it's too late and choose your side.

In further news, EDENCOM has released a statement urging all Capsuleers who currently live in systems conquered by Triglavian forces to relocate and find a new home immediately.

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Resource Distribution Update Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Back in March, the EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook blog described the plans for resource distribution in New Eden. This endeavour started last December with asteroid belt changes, then moved on to ore anomaly changes and a moon resource shake-up, and now the fourth step of the Shortage Phase is planned to go live in mid-October. Alongside the final steps of the Shortage Phase, the first step of the Redistribution Phase will also go live in the middle of October.

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