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Август обновление и события
13 авг

Убойная серия 13 августа 2019 г.

Откликнитесь на призыв КОНКОРДа, дайте бой Триглаву и другим врагам. Заработайте как можно больше очков навыков за убийство любых NPC в Новом Эдеме во время «Убойной серии»! С 24 июля по 21 августа вы сможете получить от 10 000 до 50 000 очков навыков — размер награды зависит от количества убийств за задание. Заработанные очки позволят вам освоить управление более крупными и мощными кораблями с самым грозным вооружением.

Bonus Skill Point Weekend 13 августа 2019 г.

New Eden needs you to fight back against the Triglavians, so log in every day between 23 - 26 August and claim your free Skill Point rewards! Get up to 75,000 Skill Points as an Alpha, and up to 250,000 Skill Points as an Omega. Advance your combat capabilities, get better ships, weaponry, and defend New Eden!

Quality of Life Updates for New Players 13 августа 2019 г.

We are adding a number of small and subtle ways for you to get more information about the world around you. These changes are aimed primarily at new players who have so many new systems to learn and master, but we hope they will be useful to everyone in New Eden.

The damage type that each ammunition deals is now represented by distinct icons, and the order of the ammunition is sorted by range when right-clicking on a weapon. This will make it easier to choose your next steps in the heat of combat.

Information about a ship’s group is now shown in the ‘Show Info’ window, where capsuleers will also now be able to utilize the Skills on Demand function when investigating any skills.

Fanfest Home 13 августа 2019 г.

As a result of the Fanfest HOME video competition, we will host a personal, home-sized version of the legendary Fanfest in a player’s living room. Of course we'll invite everyone else to watch what happens because it wouldn't be a Fanfest without a live stream.