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March Release & Events
Mar 9th

Announcing Native macOS Client Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Different thinking Capsuleers

CCP is excited to unveil work on a native macOS EVE Online client is underway.

The native macOS client will enable native support for macOS Big Sur and Apple's powerful graphics processing framework, Metal. The move to Metal ensures the best visual experience for players on macOS, along with significant optimizations and performance improvements compared to the existing client.

The first public test of the native macOS client is expected in Q1 2021. More details about the public testing and how to participate will be published in the new year.

April Release & Events
Apr 15th
December Release & Events
Dec 10th

New Wallet UI Tuesday, December 10, 2019

If you download EVE Portal, the official EVE Online companion app, you will get to see the new and improved UI for the wallet early! These changes are due to be implemented in EVE Online for the Free Market Release on 10 December, but why not get yourself a sneak peek by downloading EVE Portal and checking out what's changed?

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Free Market Release Tuesday, December 10, 2019

On 10 December we celebrate the arrival of our Free Market release. This release brings some exciting new features and updates to EVE Online. Read the full news article to learn more.

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EVE Online: Invasion Chapter 2
Nov 26th

Chapter 2 of the Invasion Expansion Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The second chapter of the EVE Online: Invasion expansion, the next step in the Triglavian story that has thrown New Eden deep into conflict with this unrelenting and mysterious enemy. EVE Online: Invasion Chapter 2 will be released on Tuesday 26 November and will be free to download for all players of EVE Online.

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Shareable bookmarks Tuesday, November 26, 2019

This new chapter in the Invasion expansion also brings with it other new features too, including Shareable Bookmarks. This new addition allows Capsuleers to share specific locations in New Eden with alliance members and anyone else they choose, with control over access and duration.

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September Release & Events
Sep 10th

Fitting Warnings & Other Quality of Life Changes Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The EVE Dev team have been working on a package of tweaks, fixes and improvements for the September 2019 release. These changes, with a couple of exceptions, are primarily focused on improving the experience for pilots in their first few hours and days in New Eden. Many of these changes will be useful for pilots of all experience levels.

We’ve added a series of warnings to the fitting window, to help new and old players improve their fitting skills and avoid some more common pitfalls.

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64-bit EVE Client Tuesday, September 10, 2019

As of Wednesday, 11 September 2019, the switch was made so the 64-Bit client for EVE Online is the default for pilots moving forward. We are incredibly thankful to all those pilots who took the time to asssist with testing on both the Singularity and Tranquility servers! This has been a massive project for EVE Online so far, and represents a huge technical milestone in the continued development of EVE, helping to future proof New Eden as we head toward the third decade.

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August Release & Events
Aug 13th

Quality of Life Updates for New Players Tuesday, August 13, 2019

We are adding a number of small and subtle ways for you to get more information about the world around you. These changes are aimed primarily at new players who have so many new systems to learn and master, but we hope they will be useful to everyone in New Eden.

The damage type that each ammunition deals is now represented by distinct icons, and the order of the ammunition is sorted by range when right-clicking on a weapon. This will make it easier to choose your next steps in the heat of combat.

Information about a ship’s group is now shown in the ‘Show Info’ window, where capsuleers will also now be able to utilize the Skills on Demand function when investigating any skills.

June Release & Events
Jun 25th
EVE Online: Invasion
May 28th

The Agency - Redesign Tuesday, May 28, 2019

An overhaul of The Agency is also arriving with the Invasion expansion, with a focus on making content and activities in New Eden more discoverable and accessible to both new and established pilots alike. The Agency will see the return of the agent finder, as well as a visual overhaul to make activities, resource gathering and exploration clearer and more concise.

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Quality of Life: New Pointer Tool Tuesday, May 28, 2019

EVE Online: Invasion will see the introduction of the new Pointer tool. Designed to allow pilots to assist each other with highlighting UI elements, this is a highly requested community feature that has been developed to allow more experienced players to provide clearer and more detailed instructions to those who’re finding their way in New Eden.

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EVE Online: Onslaught
Nov 13th

Winter Expansion Tuesday, November 13, 2018

New Eden is in an ever-evolving state and as we push toward the third decade, the next expansion for EVE Online is right on the horizon.

More quality of life changes, fresh balance, new precursor ships and content and more iteration on abyssal deadspace are right around the corner with EVE Online: Onslaught, as well as a whole host of new navigation structures that further enable capsuleers to become masters of their domain.

Activity Tracker Tuesday, November 13, 2018

With the winter expansion, capsuleers will benefit from a new activity tracker that will monitor and display their achievements in New Eden, along with providing context for their character's development and progress.

The activity tracker will also show avenues of further progression that pilots can take, highlighting other areas of New Eden's wide array of gameplay that they can explore.

More from the dev team

Global Search Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Everything at your fingertips. At all times.

The new global search option coming with EVE Online: Onslaught puts every piece of information in New Eden just a quick search away.

Look for it in the top left of the client once the Onslaught expansion arrives!

September Release
Sep 11th

Upwell Cargo Deposit Tuesday, September 11, 2018

With the September release, Upwell Cargo Deposit allows pilots flying outside any Upwell Structure to place items into their own personal hangar in the structure without docking, even if they do not have docking rights to the structure.

This means that couriers, freighter pilots and those looking to make fast deliveries will have more flexibility to be able to quickly drop off cargo or complete courier contracts.

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More Quality Of Life Improvements! Tuesday, September 11, 2018

With the arrival of the September release comes a whole host of quality of life improvements for capsuleers to enjoy - or "little things", as they're more commonly known.

With customization for the market ticker, activation of multiple SKIN licenses at the same time, refinement of navigation hotkeys so that they also work on wormholes, clearer UI tooltips and more versatile ship fitting simulation with improved tooling, there's something for everyone in this release's round of quality of life improvements.

Watch the forums for more info

August Release
Aug 21st

New Player Experience Updates Tuesday, August 21, 2018

With this release, new pilots will be able to enjoy the start of a series of updates to the New Player Experience.

This update focuses on delivering a new basic starter site for rookie pilots, as well as combat challenges displayed via The Agency and a new Agency UI for training tasks.

These challenges are repeatable, but new pilots will only be rewarded with skills upon first completion as part of the rookie orientation process.

July Release
Jul 10th
EVE Online: Into The Abyss
May 29th

The Abyss Awaits... Tuesday, May 29, 2018

With New Eden thrown into chaos after a new threat emerges on the fringes of known space, the CONCORD Assembly enlists the assistance of capsuleers to venture off the edges of the map and into the unknown. Beyond charted space lies Abyssal Deadspace, the hazardous domain of a radically advanced civilization, The Triglavian Collective.

This new frontier brings the promise of technology light years ahead of the most advanced in New Eden, but the risks involved to acquire it may prove too much for all but the most skilled of pilots.

A new horizon has been drawn, and the beauty of this new domain is matched only by it's unforgiving ferocity. New vessels, weapons, technologies and unimaginable wealth lie beyond, but only for those intrepid few who dare make the journey into the abyss.

Planetary Interaction Updates Tuesday, May 29, 2018

With Into The Abyss, Planetary Interaction will see some significant UI and UX improvements. These changes will make planetary installations easier to maintain and improve the flow and visual feedback during initial setup.

New indicators will show when nodes aren't fully set up, new pinning mechanics will make it easier to drop multiple nodes of the same type, and a whole host of new tooltips will give guidance on how to use various elements of planetary interaction, guiding capsuleers through setup with more detail than ever before.

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March Release
Mar 20th

Little Things! Tuesday, March 20, 2018

As part of the continuous work to provide solid quality of life changes and iterations, this release will see a host of small changes aimed at making the life of a capsuleer more convenient. From color coded fleet watchlists to the inclusion of ship types in broadcasts for remote repair, as well as more filters in module comparison and additional tooltips, there’s something in the March release for every pilot!

Retirement of EVE Voice Tuesday, March 20, 2018

As we look more and more toward the future and prepare for the journey toward the third decade, the retirement of EVE Voice with the March Release opens new potential for the EVE Online client and allows for further performance improvement work and futureproofing of New Eden, making the world a better place for every capsuleer!

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February Release
Feb 13th

Upwell Structures 2.0 Tuesday, February 13, 2018

This release will see significant changes to the operation of Upwell structures with the aim of making sizable quality of life improvements.

With these changes, capsuleers across the cluster will benefit from more balanced reinforcement timers, improvements to structure takedown and combat mechanics, as well as more evenly scaled reinforcement and destruction mechanics depending on the area of space a structure is deployed in.

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January Release
Jan 9th

Improvements to The Agency Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Agency will be receiving a significant update with the January release, when pilots will be able to take advantage of many pieces of game content being moved into its user interface. With this release, Faction Warfare, Incursion and Expeditions will all be moved to The Agency’s interface, and the Agent Finder will be retired, with The Agency now serving as the location to find Agents to work with.

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Arms Race Release
Dec 5th

New Empire Selection Tuesday, December 5, 2017

After extensive testing during fall of 2017, the new Empire Selection system with overhauled visuals and information will be released to all accounts with this release, with every new character created from this release forward benefitting from the changes!

EVE Online: Lifeblood
Oct 24th

Resource Wars Tuesday, October 24, 2017

As pirate forces encroach on the borders of New Eden’s sovereign nations, capsuleers are being contracted to assist with resource gathering operations in high security space. Forming part of resource gathering expeditions as combat or mining pilots, capsuleers both young and old will be able to take part in collaborative gameplay with other capsuleers to assist their chosen empire with the release of EVE Online: Lifeblood.

September Release
Sep 12th

New Moon Mining Skills Tuesday, September 12, 2017

With a whole new way of gathering moon minerals just around the corner, new skills will be seeded with the September release in order to allow capsuleers across New Eden to prepare for the coming race for resources.

August Release
Aug 16th

Structure Combat Iterations Wednesday, August 16, 2017

This release will bring the next installment of structure quality of life improvements, as well as the first adjustments to the structure combat system.

Suggestions from the community and the CSM have shaped these initial improvements, which include improved UI/UX feedback during structure deployment, refined access for refueling structures without the need for additional roles, and balance adjustments to selected structure weaponry to give more varied and unpredictable options when sieging and defending.

The moon scanning UI will also be improved with this release in preparation for the release of Refineries, and the upcoming changes to moon mining.

Details in the dev blog

Persistent Scanning Results Wednesday, August 16, 2017

From the August release onwards, scanning progress for cosmic signatures will be stored for capsuleers until they restart their EVE client. The results will no longer be cleared when docking, jumping wormholes, or during any other session change.

In addition to this, signature IDs will be added when saving locations from the probe scanner, to allow easier identification of bookmarks that pilots make during the scanning process.

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July Release
Jul 11th

Project Discovery - Exoplanets Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Real life science is back in New Eden! In partnership with the University of Reykjavik and the University of Geneva, along with MMOS, the search for Exoplanets is coming to EVE Online with this release.

This project will see you, the capsuleers of New Eden, taking part in a project within EVE Online that will assist with the processing and categorization of hundreds of thousands of images that may find new celestial bodies in faraway locations.

Details in the dev blog

June Release
Jun 13th

Colorblind Support Tuesday, June 13, 2017

As part of the continuous work to improve the user interface experience in New Eden, capsuleers will now be able to enjoy further customization of the UI and deeper accessibility that enables support for color blind pilots.

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Skill Injector Overhaul
May 23rd

Skill Injector Overhaul Tuesday, May 23, 2017

With the arrival of changes to PLEX in the May release this year, capsuleers across the cluster will now be able to take advantage of more granular skill trading possibilities.

This change will see the introduction of more flexible skill injectors for capsuleers to use. Current extractors and injectors will remain the same, however the option will be included to split current injectors into smaller units, producing five 100,000 SP injectors that can be used or sold individually.

Mar 14th

Improvements To New Scanning System Tuesday, March 14, 2017

With this release, capsuleers will be able to enjoy a host of graphics and audio improvements for the new scanning system, including changes to the color scheme used to classify results for clearer visibility, as well as improvements to the user interface for managing, deploying and moving probes.

Feb 14th

Interface Improvements Tuesday, February 14, 2017

After conversation with the Council of Stellar Management and a number of players, this release will see a series of improvements to the user interface including more detailed market tax calculation breakdowns and improvements to how blueprints are displayed in the industry window to give more clarity.

Pilots will now also be able to purchase any missing materials for their Industry jobs through the new “Buy Missing Material” option in the Industry window.

More information

Personal Insurance In Structures Tuesday, February 14, 2017

In this release, Pend Insurance will be expanding their market share and beginning to offer personal insurance in structures across New Eden. This means that pilots will be able to insure their ships in structures just the same as they can do so in stations across New Eden.

Jan 12th

Fitting Simulation – Fixes & Improvements Thursday, January 12, 2017

In this release, there will be a number of minor improvements throughout the game, including various fixes to the Camera and the Fitting Simulation window such as drone and rig calculations, saving corporate fittings and correctly updating the velocity of your ships when mass changes in the Simulator.

EVE Online: Ascension
Nov 15th

Fitting Simulator Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Planning the perfect ship is easier now that you can see it all laid out before you. The Fitting Simulator lifts restrictions so that you can experiment with ships and modules that you currently aren't trained for or don't even own. It's the in-game ship building simulation that combat pilots, explorers and industrialists have been waiting for!

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New Visual Feedback Tuesday, November 15, 2016

In the new Command Burst system we are ensuring multiple layers of feedback so everyone involved can understand the situation. Command Bursts will have a clear visual effect indicating the area in which ships will receive the buff, Combat logs will state how many pilots have been affected, and the "effects bar" will indicate when you are receiving a buff, and from where.

New Character Sheet Tuesday, November 15, 2016

This winter brings the arrival of an all new character sheet to streamline the display of character information and allow both old and new pilots alike to more easily distinguish between Alpha and Omega clone features.

With more clarity on skill training requirements, progress and progression, as well as a simpler overview of the skill queue and easier management and display of skill training, the introduction of this new character sheet will put character development more firmly in the hands of pilots than ever before.

Read the dev blog

EVE Portal
Nov 8th

The EVE Online Mobile App Beta Tuesday, November 8, 2016

EVE Portal is now available for download in beta, allowing pilots to view basic character information, track skill training, send and receive EVEmail, utilize the in game calendar and purchase PLEX and Aurum, all with push notifications to keep busy capsuleers up to date with what's going on in New Eden when not connected via the EVE Client.

Check out more details in the Dev Blog and be sure to leave your feedback, along with information on more features you'd like to see in EVE Portal in the Dev Blog comments thread.

Details in the dev blog

Oct 11th
Aug 9th

Cargo & Fleet Hold Feedback Tuesday, August 9, 2016

As part of our efforts to make the user interface more intuitive, this release will include a more detailed overview of a pilot's ship's storage spaces, including more visual representation of the status of ship holds and how full they are.

Configurable through a right click menu, pilots will now be able to select which hold to track, so that they may see a percentage readout of how much capacity is taken up by their current cargo, and can receive feedback via visual notifications when this changes during in space activities such as mining and salvaging.

Jun 28th

118.6 Feature Tour Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Join us in the latest cinematic feature tour as we explore the 118.6 release, with the arrival of new citadel balance improvements, bulk fitting, legalized combat boosters, visual updates for stargates, hangars and boosters with secondary lighting, new Serpentis pirate implants and the all new Scope Network Challenge system that kicks off with the Shadow of the Serpent on release day!

New Docking/Undocking Transition Tuesday, June 28, 2016

With the 118.6 release, a new animated camera will focus in on your ship in order to give a more cinematic view of docking and undocking. The undocking camera can be interrupted at any point to give full pilot control, in case capsuleers find themselves undocking into a blockade or other sticky situation.

Tactical Overlay Iteration Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Various usability improvements are coming to the tactical overlay with the 118.6 release. This includes cynosural field range when you hover over the module, as well as ship and fighter orbit indicators and a trajectory line for your ship’s direction of travel in order to improve spatial awareness in combat.

New Player Experience Improvements Tuesday, June 28, 2016

In an effort to improve the flow of the new player experience for rookie pilots, a number of changes will be made to notifications and information displayed in game. Opportunity guidance will be improved to include clearer instructions, better flow, improved sense of progress and meaningful context to mechanical tasks. An Opportunities path will also be suggested to strengthen a sense of progression. Combat that forms part of opportunities will also be made more dynamic, and a series of UI improvements will be implemented to give deeper clarification for a number of in game activities including mining and wallet transactions.

Please see the 118.6 patch notes for further details.

EVE Online: Citadel
Apr 27th

New Access Control System Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Access and associated taxes to services available in the new Citadel structures can now be controlled with far greater finesse for not just your corporation or alliance, but for all individual players.

Build your structures, and choose who you want to interact with them, and to what degree. Structure access settings are separate from asset management settings, allowing you to create custom access profiles without compromising security.

Combat Feedback: Notification Visuals Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In the heat of battle, it is easy for important events to go unnoticed or overlooked, especially when not in line of sight. New graphical elements have been added to the UI to draw your attention to a warping pilot or a ship that has finally met its demise.

Jan 12th

New Launcher Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The new launcher is now out of BETA and has become the official download for EVE Online. We still support the old launcher but the new one has better patching, regular update checks, multiple account support and easier access to test servers, so we encourage all players to upgrade today.

Operation: Frostline
Dec 8th

More Camera Options Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Adding more options for camera controls with the aim for increased cinematic and tactical depth.

Gamma Adjustment Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A new slider has been added to the Settings Menu to brighten or darken the display to fit your room’s lighting conditions and tailor the visual experience to your personal tastes.

Nov 3rd

Toggle: Camera Movement when Idle Tuesday, November 3, 2015

By default, all camera drones display an atmospheric bobbing and swaying animation. The Settings Menu now offers capsuleers the option to disable this subtle motion, a feature of particular interest to players capturing high precision screenshots and time-lapse videos of gameplay.

Probe Scanning Map Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Exploring the universe and discovering the unknown is a huge part of the EVE experience for many intrepid pilots. The scanning window now includes its own instance of the star map, supporting Probe scanning to make scanning for new adventures easier. Of course you're on your own when you get there!

Oct 6th

New Launcher Beta Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A new launcher is here for BETA testing, built from the ground up with your feedback and feature wishlists in mind. This BETA test will only be available in English and will not be available for MAC or Windows XP.

  • An improved patching system, with more diagnostics to help identify connection issues.
  • Regular update checks to allow automatic patching as soon as the launcher sees a new update available.
  • Server selection support eliminates the need for client juggling or separate installs to play on the public test servers.
  • Launch multiple accounts with a single button click, each account with its own settings profile.
Sep 29th

Multi-Buy Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A speedier shopping experience has arrived for both the pilot restocking for their next adventure and the industrialist building the supplies to stock those marketplace shelves. Multi-Buy now lets you purchase multiple items at once.

Choose your items, pick the station, and click Buy. You will be alerted to any quantities that are not available and items that were not successfully purchased will be re-added to the window. The Multi-Buy window will also be available from quickbar folders and fittings lists. We have also added tooltips to show best station, system, and region prices for each item type.

Multi-Buy is only for immediate purchases in stations of the current system.

Jump Invulnerability Cloak Timer Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The graphical timers added to crimewatch have proven extremely helpful to capsuleers so we've added another. Now you no longer will need a mental countdown to determine when your cloak is going to break after you jump through a gate or wormhole. A new timer allows you to use each and every one of those crucial seconds to determine if you need to engage or flee, as well as how much time you have to save that pilot who lemminged ahead of the fleet.

Wormhole Polarization Timer Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The dangers of wormholes are many. Among them is polarization, an effect that prevents you from jumping through the same wormhole twice within five minutes. Pilots can now put those egg timers back in the kitchen and abandon that last use they had for local in unknown space. A graphical timer now displays on wormhole brackets in space, with additional information available on hover over.

Jul 7th

Overview and Bracket Updates Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Player feedback has played a big role in the latest round of updates to the new overview and bracket icons. Changes in this pass include:

  • Drones optimized down to four familiar and distinct brackets
  • Improved readability at 90% scaling
  • Clearer distinction between player and NPC ships

Details in the dev blog

Jun 2nd

New Overview Icons Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Brackets and Overview Indicators are more intuitive and uniform, allowing players to assess their surroundings quicker and easier.

  • More intuitive - Ship groups can be identified in combat, improving target calling and shortening decision making. Stations with different core purposes will have unique icons to identify their primary purpose.
  • Uniform - The overview, starmap, market and ISIS all share the same set of icons, making it easier for you to quickly recognize the information or items you are looking for, no matter where you are in the client.
Apr 28th

3D Starmap Opt-In Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Your 3D Starmap is here, feature-rich and fresh out of beta for its first live release. The latest options include:

  • Improved filtering
  • Seamless transitions
  • Window Mode

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Sensor Overlay Update Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Not a fan of the system entry scan? Does the challenge of flying blind excite you? Whatever the case, there are times you're going to want to turn off the Sensor Overlay. New toggles let you control the overlay and the system scan on entry. Fly safe!

Corporation Roles Interface Improvements Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Manage your team and their respective permissions easier and more efficiently. New improvements to role management consolidate pages and panes, to provide you with more info, less clicking.

  • Roles and station services have been rolled into one to reduce the number of management screens. The combined view is now called Permissions.
  • Role and Group names are now displayed vertically to save space.
  • Roles and Grantable roles are now handled by a single tri-state check box.
  • Access controls have now been reduced to a one page matrix.
  • Adding filter option in the new Role Management tab.
Mar 24th

CSPA Charges Set to 0 ISK for New Pilots Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Under the CONCORD Spam Protection Act (CSPA), unknown pilots sending you EVEmail are required to pay a CSPA charge to do so.  New pilots will now find their default charge is at 0 ISK, making it easier for recruiters and new acquaintances to contact  them. You may enable CSPA Charges and set the charge amount in the Communications Settings panel.

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3D Starmap Beta: Bigger and Better Beta Opt-In Tuesday, March 24, 2015

If you haven't tried the new star map yet, now is a great time to take it for a test drive.

  • Floating, dockable, resizable window
  • Greater readability, improved visuals
  • Region and Constellation level grouping
  • NEW Probe scanning via 3D Starmap

A checkbox for the 3D Starmap is under Experimental Features on your General Settings tab of the escape (ESC) menu. Once enabled, a second map icon will appear in your Neocom. Turn it on and try it out!

Feb 17th

Management Tools and Improvements Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Keeping your corporation's ranks informed, happy and growing is a big part of building a galactic empire. Tiamat improves on several common management tasks, making life just that much easier for your recruiters and leaders.

  • Up the limit mailing list members from 3000 to 5000
  • Added filter to the member list
  • The Edit Corp Details window can now be resized
  • The corp description text now supports links and editing
  • Unrenting offices has been made more obvious and easier
  • Custom message option for applicant rejections

User Interface Optimization Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More improvements of colors, scheme appearance and features based on recent updates and feedback from our players.

Jan 13th

A new Aura for German and Russian Tuesday, January 13, 2015

And we mean that in a good way! Russian and German voiceovers for Aura have been completely redone, with EVE player Naburi NasNaburi taking to the sound booth to bring us the German voice of Aura.

More Starmap Features Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More beta features arrive for the opt-in star map introduced during the Rhea release. Additions include standalone system view, mouse-over information on stars, search and improved route visualization.

Dec 9th

UI of the Future Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Modernization of the functionality, look and feel of EVE Online’s interface. We've designed more recognizable icons, improved panel transparency, and given it a style more fitting of the epic science fiction universe it is a window to.

  • The Name Purge – Old trial accounts that never became subscribers will be assigned generic character names, freeing up countless names for new players
  • Keyboard Ship Controls – WASD? Why not? (Opt-in feature)
  • Kill Report Notifications – More features added to the recently introduced Notification System
Nov 4th

Sensor Overlay 2.0 Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Scan and display bookmarks, missions and other locations relevant to your day-to-day play. Color-coded markers and display filtering makes it easy for you to quickly spot the marker you are looking for.

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Sep 30th

Caveats In Color Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The mystery of wormholes will draw you into dark unknown, but celestial cues prepare you for what lies ahead. Colors within the wormhole signal the maximum ship size that can pass through. Once inside, distinct nebulae patterns will alert you to the level of danger you may face within that area of unknown space. Heed the signs and plan accordingly. Fly safe, pilot!

Building A Better Future Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Your avatar is out there fighting the good fight for you, and we’ve got new ways to help you help them.

  • Market item descriptions on hover
  • CIDER performance updates for our Mac client users
  • New interface sounds and audible alerts
  • An advanced notification system to keep you abreast of important character, ship and station changes.

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View Excellence From Every Angle Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Your discerning tastes demand a personalized look. Inspect each item of interest using the New Eden Store 3D Preview. Browse assured. Buy with confidence.

Empire faction jackets have arrived in the New Eden Store. Wear your team’s colors with pride!

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Aug 26th

Shareable Overviews Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fleets, mentoring, and team play are more enjoyable (and safer) when everyone is on the same page. An easy way to do that is sharing your overview settings, which is now as simple as dropping an icon into chat.

  • Aid a newbie
  • Sync your squad
  • Share with friends

Icons for each of your saved layouts can be found in Overview Settings. Keep an eye on chat for pilots sharing theirs and collect the best. A New Overview button has been added to the right of the tabs to make loading and comparing overviews even easier.

Details in the dev blog

Tools And Improvements Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Each release contains updates to EVE's UI, visuals and gameplay, and is often based on feedback from the player community. Some of the improvements and extras in Hyperion are:

  • Heavy Assault Cruisers and Micro Warp Drives get a balance pass
  • Planetary Colonies in sovereign nullsec space are now open to all players, not just the sov-holding alliance.
  • New tooltips bring more helpful, contextual market info
  • Graphical updates to mission and exploration site content
Jul 22nd

Fleet Warp Opt-Out Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Players in a fleet will be able to opt out of taking fleet warps, which is useful for a number of roles in a fleet.

Blueprints And Research Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Your mission for more efficient material use and production now begins with a more efficient research panel. Easy to understand, easy to use. It's not rocket science. Well, it sort of is, but you get the point.

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The User Experience Tuesday, July 22, 2014

You'll find many of the windows you use for industry and research are visually improved and offer dynamic data crucial to decision-making. The information is more graphical, the feedback clearer. The experience, more engaging.

  • Preview job data for any blueprint
  • Instant job cost calculation
  • Job history with single-click job resubmission (provided blueprint and materials are available)

Details in the dev blog